Dr. Ian Barrett, MD

Dr. Ian Barrett, MD

Sport Surgery Specialist

Dr. Barrett is a board certified orthopedic surgeon with a specialty training in Sports Medicine. His practice mastery extends to all arthroscopic procedures of the knee, shoulder, and hip in addition to knee and shoulder replacement.

Dr. Barrett graduated with honors from University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience. He subsequently attended medical school at the prestigious Case Western Medical School where he simultaneously received a his medical doctorate and a Master’s degree in Anatomy. He went on to pursue his clinical training in the field of orthopedics at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota, studying under some of the greats of orthopedics. It was at Mayo Clinic that Dr. Barrett underwent extensive training in joint replacement surgery as well as general orthopedics. Dr. Barrett finished his subspecialty sports training at Stanford University under the tutelage of giants in field of Sports medicine like Marc Safran MD, Timothy McAdams MD, Gary Fanton MD, and Jason Dragoo MD. Throughout his career, Dr. Barrett has been active in advancing the field of orthopedics and has authored numerous peer-reviewed articles, research grants, and book chapters.

Dr. Barrett specializes in sports medicine and has a particular interest in working with active people looking to get back to their sporting lives. Whether it is the high school football star, the casual marathon runner or professional athlete, Dr. Barrett has worked with athletes from all levels of competition. He has served as the team physician for multiple high school football teams, provided medical care at several major marathon events and was actively involved in treating division I athletes while at Stanford. Most recently Dr. Barrett served as the team physician for Stanford men’s basketball team.

As part of her practice, Dr. Jones embraces personalized medicine, best practices, and precision point of care for rapid, optimal recovery. She is an early adopter of transformative technologies and digital health solutions, which provide positive impacts on the quality of life for the community.